2018 Reflection on Business & Reaching our Goals

Well … it has been an interesting 2018 in the aerospace sector to say the least reflecting upon many events that took place.  I am also inspired by a past superior and colleague from the UK in writing this article today.  I hope you find it an interesting viewpoint and something to plan for in 2019.

Aside from major O.E.M.’s crossing swords, strategic positioning through partnerships and collaboration, and finding ways to reduce cost, it has been observed that many or most do not have the budget, (or should I say a planned contingency budget), to bring on experienced support to fight the fight.

Whilst many or all executives & managers are clamoring to be cost effective, in the end, they fall short of the very objective they are trying to achieve by not spending where they need to spend in order to actually arrive at the planned business destination.

Sometimes, or should I say in most cases, one has to take a leap of faith and ask for help.  More to the point, it has to be planned into your annual budget because, it is more likely to be needed than not! 

Support can take a short amount of time and financial commitment or, sometimes longer depending on the level of entanglement that needs to be sorted out.  The message here is, tap into resources that can propel you to the destination in an effective manner.  Kind of like what a tugboat does for a large ship in port departure, arrival and navigating tough/tight avenues.  It is a small commitment in the grand scheme of things that gets you to the destination.  Worth every penny!

I hope that I can help you in 2019 to make this coming year even more successful than the past.  Please visit us at www.LYNXBMG.com or reach out through RLavigne@LYNXBMG.com, +1 647-274-3860.  We are here for you.