A Unique Period in Business & Growth

In the shadow of this awful epidemic, businesses do have a golden opportunity to really think about ‘the business’, management, operations, productivity, alliances, and every aspect perpetuating your company.  Looking back over the past 100 years of history, it is a prospect that has not particularly presented itself in the way we see it now.  Perhaps post WWII may be the exception invoking internal development and new growth initiatives.  In recent decades; some companies have been known to either close the doors in order to restructure and redefine themselves (which is an extreme measure because they cannot do what they needed to do in tandem with continuous productivity), or to sell off because the company’s evolutionary path hadn’t kept up with the changing world.  Well; it’s changing now and, what are you going to do differently going forward?

I believe it is paramount to evolve a business and prepare strategically to navigate to where the company needs to be 3, 4, 5 years from now.  Look at the alliances that are part of the tapestry driving your business.  The supply-chain is key to not only sustain the sporadic production schedule supporting your end product output, but to be able to capitalize upon a strategic and long-term value chain needs careful and calculated consideration.   It has been the norm for many years that airframe & systems OEMs have a policy for dual or multiple sourcing strategies.  It is risk management 101 practice to assure, with absolute certainty, that the production line will not stop for any shortage invoked by whatever cause.

Who would have thought (other than risk management experts) that a global epidemic would have the rapid assault on manufacturing productivity as we are currently experiencing it?  Bill Gates, (by chance or by forward thinking wisdom), was incredibly insightful during his April 3, 2015 presentation on “The next Outbreak?  We’re not ready”.   Well…, here we are.   I am not a proponent for absolute artificial intelligence, but I wager that Industry 4.0 technologies and such provision will become part of the business plans going forward.  Let alone strategic supply-chain planning like no one has seen before.

I think the reason for what I, and my company (LYNX Business Management Group Inc.), do to help to solve business risk sets the stage for sustainable business and growth.  It is part of our DNA based on valuable lessons learned within our industry to help develop well-structured foundations in business that mitigates the failure to execute.  Eliminate the risks as much as possible within the capacity and tools at our disposal.

Aside from the aforementioned helping precision manufacturers transform into prime tier suppliers, we also have a portfolio of amazing dedicated SME precision manufacturing clients ready to be part of your business solutions and long-term strategies.  There is a plethora of credible and strategic companies that are ripe for being part of your value chain.  Let us be part of your history going forward.

Think/act strategically and tactically for success.  Productivity is the machine of our economy.  If you cannot build and deliver, the rest is moot.

I look forward to hearing from you and am available anytime for discussion.  It is our passion to help you move forward successfully.

Richard Lavigne; Founder


We at LYNXBMG look forward to connecting with you and helping your company “develop the business”.

We look forward to hearing from you.