Team Bio (LYNXBMG)

Gary Buss

Gary Buss – Bio

Senior Consultant Engineer
2476288 Ontario Inc.

Gary has nearly 3 decades of experience in the aerospace industry as a new product development engineer.  Project involvement spans large to small commercial aircraft, business jets, GA light jets, military helicopters and aircraft, as well as spacecraft.  With a wealth of experience in landing gear structures and aircraft hydraulic/mechanical systems, Gary has maintained a focus on engineering in design analysis and leadership positions.  Programs and roles allowed for international project participation across Europe and in Asia.  Having spent a period of his career as a business development manager, he has a good working knowledge of cost as it relates to providing the right technical solution.

Working experience has included a few Tier 1 Aerospace Suppliers, on-site work at Airframers and more recently, independent work for various end customers.  Overall familiarity with certification processes and testing requirements, round out his knowledge base.

For the past 11 years, Gary has worked as an engineering consultant and since 2015, has operated his personal engineering consulting business.  Providing detail structural analysis, with core competencies of finite element analysis, static stress and fatigue analysis, loads development and overall design refinement.

With a combination of technical experience and leadership skills, a strong understanding of aerospace requirements and specifications, Gary is capable of adding value to clients across many areas of the product development process.