Team Bio (LYNXBMG)

Randy Corey

Randy Corey, P.Eng. – Bio

Factory Operations Specialist

Randy is an operations, factory setup, product engineering, and manager with over 35 years of experience. Randy’s focus has been within the Aerospace industry (manufacturing landing gears, large component machining before & after heat treat, chemical processing, painting, and assembly) and Automotive emission controls, seat adjusters, and window regulator systems.

During his career with major Tier 1 and Tier 2 manufacturers; Randy has held various senior and leadership management positions in production, manufacturing, and product engineering.

Randy’s experience worked step-by-step in making processes as efficient as possible. Examples have been to manage projects/programs, oversee operations, implement plans, and coordinate events that produced real and tangible results to bring things into existence.

Randy’s success has a number of factors. The first criteria is a satisfied customer, whether the customer is my boss or a client. I want to not only have met the specifications of the project, but also to have surpassed expectations by personally finding unique ways to create value. Furthermore, I need to feel that the final project represents my best work and that of my team. For me, success means producing a durable product that will be valuable for a long time, knowing that the work is done in a very ethical manner, and establishing strong and collaborative relationships.