Business Development – A diagnostic look

When one has personal health concerns or issues, your physician may recommend an X-Ray or computerized tomography (CT) imaging in order to help diagnose the cause and effect of your symptoms.

Not unlike your personal fitness, business health and the functional organization needs constant care, exercise, re-alignment and direction for continual well-being and growth.  It’s this cross-sectional examination that is important to really understand what is happening, what cultural behaviours are being routinely performed and entrenched into your company.

They can either be spot on with the company core values and objectives, or, is moving your organization further from your customer’s needs and growth direction.  Should it be the latter, then your company may likely find itself on the wrong side of the road and looking for answers as to why the revenue decline is occurring, or even worse, loss of your customer all together.

The LYNX Business Management Group Inc. can help you with a holistic business assessment.  ‘A CT examination if you will’.

With our proforma assessment performed through interviews with your leadership, supervisory management and key staff, we offer a systematic assessment.

Seven (7) business elements are assessed establishing a well-informed spectrum of analysis that your organization can act upon.  They are:

  1. Looking at the business plan coupled with company product strategy
  2. Review of business results and how performance is managed
  3. Assess the business if alignment and redirection is to be considered
  4. Look at the cost structure & assess lean initiatives driving efficiency & productivity
  5. Procurement strategy and business relationship assessment
  6. Observe and assess the Operations planning and management
  7. And, if your organization needs change, assess whether the human capital is ready for such an undertaking.

The business product objectives and core values become the foundation of the structure to build upon.  The human resource element (people with passion and knowledge) is the catalyst to make it happen as long as the plans are sound, in line with the objectives and what your target market is needing.

Should you be thinking that there are business improvements to be made in order to achieve operating incomes necessary for the business, we at Lynx Business and Program Management Solutions also offers a preliminary assessment that provides some guidance for a deeper assessment.   Should this be of interest, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our passion is your passion!  Let us help you achieve growth, sustainability, and being synchronized with your market clients.  Without these, then business is a moot point and at risk.

Richard Lavigne; Founder

We at LYNXBMG look forward to connecting with you and helping your company “develop the business”.

We look forward to hearing from you.