Business Relationships & Action

It is well known that business relationships are the foundation to any business alliance between the Supplier and the Customer. This takes demonstration of doing the right things, trust, follow through and simply put, customer care.

Doing the right things; I see this as something fundamental within your own company which will most certainly translate and be evident to your customer base.  In the end, how the employees of your company are engaged, treated and appreciated will be seen by the customer.  If it is healthy, your customer will begin to help build the trust between the companies and growth will take root.

To quote a portion of Steven M.R. Covey’s book, “The Speed of Trust”, on average in North America, only 29% of employees believe that management cares about them developing their skills.  Approximately 42% believe that management cares about them at all”

Pretty unnerving statistics isn’t it?

I have found naturally in my 40 years of working with both internal and international colleagues, and those of notable Aerospace companies such as Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, Raytheon, UTC (now Collins), Rolls-Royce, etc. that strength in building relationships is about internal organic trust, building capable strength and, being genuine in doing what is best for both parties.  That means doing the right thing in a timely manner for the betterment of the business objective(s).

A point in case that I would like to share with you which applies to any industry.  On a major Program I managed in 2016-2017 with General Motors and the Stronach Group, the lead GM Project Engineering Manager stated something that resonated with me and hopefully with you as well.  “Everyone makes mistakes and messes up once in a while.  We get that and we do it too.  The difference in whom we work with is how you acknowledge it, your responsive attention with the appropriate behavior to remedy it.  Working together gets us to the finish line”.

Something to remember and put into practice with appropriate action.

I hope you find this blog interesting.  Stay tuned, there will be more and thanks for reading.

Richard Lavigne; Founder

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