Business Results & Performance (Part 1 of 4)

Business Management Health Assessment (BMHA)

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Business Results & Performance is a direct output of solid business planning & strategy of the organization.

There are a number of key management domains that are the building blocks for this business management principle.

This week, we are reviewing one of four business management principle domains:


QUESTION => Manufacturers – Are you achieving 500% + on Overall Equipment Efficiency?  Are you achieving the planned ROI?

This week, we will focus on the domain of BUSINESS OBJECTIVES and the criticality of its affect on achieving business goals and growth.

First, objectives must be aligned with the business plan and strategy for the organization.  You may recall from our previous blog articles, key planning strategies of what your business is about (i.e. ‘the purpose of being’), what market your product serves and how it is aligned with the market is of paramount importance.  If it is not, then your organization will have enormous barriers of execution to overcome along with wasting tremendous effort, resources, and cost.

If these are not well thought out and strategically planned throughout the company’s life, there is little or no chance of achieving targeted business objectives.  We trust that you will find our blog articles explaining key best practices throughout our series of articles this year to be helpful, insightful, provides vision, and a direction for implementation.

It all begins with a purpose of being meaning that the product you focus on is what your company is structured for, and the human/equipment resources are tailored to produce.  These elements are the mortar of the foundational strategic business plan building blocks we wrote about last month.

When you have that nailed down and regularly reviewed for adjustment to be in step with the market, critical success factors can be established.  We cannot express enough the importance of having clear and understood critical success factors.  These are the factors that need to be in constant focus by way of risk and stakeholder management practice.  If these factors are not achieved, then the organizations likelihood of achieving the business objectives are at risk.

Part of the business’ objectives may be to realize strategic goals or off-shoots of the intended plan in order to evolve the organization into an envisioned market that is currently not the mainstay.  Perhaps it’s a forced market that if you do not anticipate it and develop, the business you have today may not be around tomorrow.

Business objectives have clear boundaries of what is in the organization’s scope and what is not.  To help explain this, objectives are achievable based on what your company does.  If it is contributing to activity that is not tightly linked to the business plan strategy, then you have wheels spinning in the mud going nowhere except for draining fuel (energy & cost) for little or no gain.

Your organization’s workforce resource pool is the mechanism to reach business objectives.  Make the planning strategy and the purpose of being clear, you will find that meeting business objectives is executable and achievable.

Our Business Management Health Assessment (BMHA) product brings all eight management principles together in one integrated process tool to help organizations like yours fast-path to the roots of fundamental planning alignment.  All drive to an executable business to achieve the business objectives.

We encourage you to reach out to us on this topic.  We are practitioners with a true passion to help manufacturers like you meet your objectives.  It costs nothing to enquire and we wager that you will be glad that you did.

Lastly, take a few minutes to view our VIDEO on link below for this business management principle.

Business Results & Performance – LYNX Business Management Group (

The BMHA is an efficient LYNXBMG auditing and business development process assessing eight operating key business management principles & institutional processes.

Extended support by LYNXBMG enables manufacturers like you to execute continual improvement through mentoring of personnel and optimization of your operating processes.

Flexible Product Options:

Client self-performed assessment – Internally managed.  Formalized Report-Out.

Assisted assessment – Leave the process to us – 3 Day on-site process with a LYNXBMG Business Development Expert to manage and document a deep dive of your operational business.  Formalized Report-Out and Roadmap to develop the business.

With a completed BMHA, we guarantee leadership will have clarity on:

  • The level of congruence within the functions planning, managing, and controlling the company.
  • The level of congruence and integration of the management processes used to drive the company.
  • The alignment of the business plan to the company’s core objectives.
  • Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats within the company.
  • Opportunities for cost reduction and performance improvements affecting overall equipment efficiency (OEE).
  • Procurement and purchasing leverage opportunities.
  • Operations and Quality Assurance alignment.
  • Organization readiness & prioritization of what to focus on to develop the business.
  • Progressive steps to achieving a lean enterprise.
  • Expected ROI from development actions taken ~ 500+% based on OEE improvement to manufacturing quality, efficiency, resource allocation & management processes.

Our Mission is to help manufacturing organizations achieve operational excellence, profitability, and growth in a competitive market through the mentoring of personnel and optimization of processes.

Our Core Values are:

  • Integrity & honesty
  • Demonstrate and build trust
  • Genuine care for Client growth and wellbeing
  • Coaching and devotion for excellence
  • Making a difference for industry

For more information or to order your own BMHA from LYNXBMG.

We look forward to hearing from you.