Business Results & Performance (Part 3 of 4)

Business Management Health Assessment (BMHA)

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Business Results & Performance is a direct output of solid business planning & strategy of the organization.

There are a number of key management domains that are the building blocks for this business management principle.

This week, we are reviewing one of four business management principle domains:


This week, we will focus on the domain of KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS AND KPI MANAGEMENT and how essential they are to measure, monitor and control factory productivity and performance.

Let’s start with KPI’s and methodology.  Whilst some may fear establishing a set of KPI’s, it is quite simple in that as long as you know what you want to monitor, creating a KPI (if a standard one is not available) is fairly easy to do and implement.

As in project management, the parameters of managing & controlling production is cost, schedule, quality and performance.  Think of these as a boundary guide to establish what KPIs you need for your factory.  In the end, they have to mean something tangible for your employees that will embrace and use them to help navigate to the company’s objectives and growth.

Well managed KPIs in our view is essential, including your customer expectations as well, to not only assure delivery, but develop as a progressive supplier they can count on.  No customer is looking for a supplier that requires hand holding and coaching just to ensure they get the product and services they are paying for.  If they do, then your company is out, and another is chosen for the contract.

Within our Business Management Health Assessment (BMHA), we assess the level of KPIs embedded into your company functions.  Every function in the value stream contributing to produce the product and service for market needs effective and affective KPI management.  If there aren’t any, then ask yourself how does your team navigate direction and proficiency?  Further, a good set of effective KPIs drives a lean culture reducing cost and cost of quality.  Who does not want that?

In our manufacturing world, the typical value stream functions are, production in the factory, production planning, purchasing/procurement, engineering/production engineering, sales, program management, quality assurance, quality inspection, maintenance, product support, human resources, finance & accounting.  All of these should have a level of meaningful and a managed integration of KPIs that drive and govern the business.

As most high-tech industries, the better part of 80% of product produced and sold by a manufacturer is coming from within their supply-chain.  The remaining 20% is the final assembly or product finishing for shipment and delivery to the customer.  Solid and effective KPIs managed by procurement to assure expected delivery into your facility is paramount.  Without them and the means of supplier management processes, risks turn into issues guaranteeing loss of ability to deliver to your customers.

We have been talking about KPIs, but what about KPI management?  We have established the ‘WHAT’ of KPI.  Now, lets look at the ‘HOW’.  It is equally important for your management team in every function to own and understand the necessity of KPIs.  They need to depend on them as a barometer of what their teams are doing on a daily basis.  Ask yourselves, do the functional leaders in the organization have defined and understood KPIs to manage productivity effectively and affectively?  If so, fantastic.  If not, that is a problem.

As always, we encourage you to reach out to us on this topic.  We are practitioners with a true passion to help manufacturers like you meet your objectives.  It costs nothing to enquire, and we wager that you will be glad that you did.

Stay tuned for Part 4 of 4 in this series will delve more into Work Package Management.  Until then, we look forward to speaking with you.  It costs nothing to talk to us and we will be glad to help.   Contact Us – LYNX Business Management Group (

The BMHA is an efficient LYNXBMG auditing and business development process assessing eight operating key business management principles & institutional processes.

Extended support by LYNXBMG enables manufacturers like you to execute continual improvement through mentoring of personnel and optimization of your operating processes.

Flexible Product Options:

Client self-performed assessment – Internally managed.  Formalized Report-Out.

Assisted assessment – Leave the process to us – 3 Day on-site process with a LYNXBMG Business Development Expert to manage and document a deep dive of your operational business.  Formalized Report-Out and Roadmap to develop the business.

With a completed BMHA, we guarantee leadership will have clarity on:

  • The level of congruence within the functions planning, managing, and controlling the company.
  • The level of congruence and integration of the management processes used to drive the company.
  • The alignment of the business plan to the company’s core objectives.
  • Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats within the company.
  • Opportunities for cost reduction and performance improvements affecting overall equipment efficiency (OEE).
  • Procurement and purchasing leverage opportunities.
  • Operations and Quality Assurance alignment.
  • Organization readiness & prioritization of what to focus on to develop the business.
  • Progressive steps to achieving a lean enterprise.
  • Expected ROI from development actions taken ~ 500+% based on OEE improvement to manufacturing quality, efficiency, resource allocation & management processes.

Our Mission is to help manufacturing organizations achieve operational excellence, profitability, and growth in a competitive market through the mentoring of personnel and optimization of processes.

Our Core Values are:

  • Integrity & honesty
  • Demonstrate and build trust
  • Genuine care for Client growth and wellbeing
  • Coaching and devotion for excellence
  • Making a difference for industry

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