Projects – Time – Success/Failure/Incomplete

“Time kills all projects” is a term coined from experience.  Most projects and programs successfully launch providing there is a solid foundation of planning, stakeholder support and leadership coupled with stewardship.

All too often however we come across a well-intentioned project launch without a thorough foundation of purpose, objectives, goals, deliverables (both interim and at closure), work scope/outline, budget plan, resource definition, stakeholder analysis and, closure/deliverable criteria.  This is where a seasoned development or Project Manager with the right skills and working knowledge is of great value for success.

Consider utilizing a project manager with the right experience and wisdom to work the detail planning, internal coordination, risk management, laying out the cohesive daily tasks required to drive the project forward, foster relationships within and outside of the company to assure an appropriate level of ‘charting the courseto deliver.

One cannot underestimate the importance of laying out a solid foundation for which a project will be built and executed upon.  If it is not well laid out, then the project timeline will be longer than commissioned.  Hence, the reason I mention ‘Time’ in the title.  Excessive time means more cost and possibly fosters indifference within the team and organization about the goals and objectives.  This is like the plague for a healthy and successful project.

An analogy I have used with teams – If you want to build a house or building, having a square and level solid foundation is the most important step for the rest of the project.  Without that, the floor beams and structure will be a nightmare of quality issues, excessive cost over runs and likely not a buildable structure.   I.e. Failure to execute.

Too many are prematurely concerned about the colour of the curtains or paint.  It is important, in fact, critical to build the structure from the bottom up – [sort of speak].  Get the incremental steps in the right order.

The LYNX Business Management Group Inc. is here to offer you and your team the kind of management and planning support that will make your journey a well-planned and executable endeavour.  There will be bumps in the road and at times what seems to be significant obstacles along the way.  However, with the right PM & business development support, they can be assessed in advance, mitigated, managed, eliminated/controlled/reduced and workable.

A past mentor if mine said something to me during my days of development; “There is more than one way to climb the mountain.”  I have never forgotten it and applied his wisdom many times to reach the goal.  When we plan well, execute the plan, re-plan when needed, and be laser focused on the end deliverable, successful closure is inevitable.  You will get there with our help.

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I hope you have found this insightful.

Richard Lavigne; Founder

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