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Provider of business development and project management services.

Field of expertise built upon thirty plus years of corporate processes, insight, vision and implementation strategies.

Providing insight, vision and implementation of business and program management services.

Client base in Aerospace Tier 0/O.E.M.,1, 2, and 3 Airframe and Undercarriage Systems Manufacturers, Nuclear Reactor refurbishment component and assembly Programs, e-Motor and Automotive design and manufacturing development Programs

  • Services offered:
    • Business Development
    • Program / Project Management
    • Business Planning Solutions
    • Lean Enterprise
    • Lean Manufacturing
    • Quality Assurance-Systems
    • Technical Services


Developing or evolving a business to meet your customers expectation is a significant task that is predicated upon your company’s capability and organization to not only deliver product or services but have processes and infrastructure to sustain the business.   Often this requires your organization to be adept and flexible enough to integrate your existing processes and systems with the prime customer.  This has always been the case with major O.E.M. manufacturers.

LYNXMBG offers a pragmatic approach and ability to adapt to your operating culture to support such business objectives.  This experience infuses confidence with your customer base by demonstration that your company has the management, control and expertise to meet every aspect of the product delivery, quality, service, cost, and ongoing growth for longevity.  A structured and tailored approach from the onset of potential business through to in-service life is an expectation by O.E.M. organizations.  LYNXBMG is here to support your business developing needs and to project manage it with your team through the implementation and closure.

The following business diagram is typical of such methodologies and approach we can help you with to either implement or enhance/realign for improved functionality.


The Integration and hand shake between Business Development and the actual Program execution is key. This requires sound initiation, planning, control, execution and delivery of your product.  We at LYNXBMG have solid experience in these processes to help guide your team through the phases to success and customer satisfaction.  Understanding your organizational culture and structure, we adapt the approach to your operational needs.  Commensurate with that approach, we employ innovative techniques and solutions in pursuing your company’s goals and objectives by taking your team through each phase of the implementation.

As priorities and requirements often change during the process of execution, LYNXBMG brings adaptability and stewardship to the teams’ implementation.  This includes having a good understanding of your customers requirements and processes that need to be embeded within your business system.  When performed well, it leads to incremental business opportunities and growth.

Depending on the project or product, the process is tailored to match the product and services required.