The Right Stuff at the Right Time!

Whether manufacturers are dealing with a global crisis impacting productivity or forging through daily operations during normal periods of constraint, it’s about having the right stuff at the right time.

Our aerospace & nuclear manufacturing industry is entirely dependent on having the right expert suppliers on the team.  It is most definitely a chain of elements conceptualizing, designing, developing, building and testing our components and assemblies that support the OEMs.  All it takes is a break in that chain to invoke a diverse impact to cost (throughout the follow-on chain), reliability of timely supply, risk to product quality and cost of quality, not meeting contractual promises and obligations that, in the end makes or breaks industry performance and growth.

We believe it is important to have a supply chain that is an extension of your company’s operation and mandate.  It is also important for your supply chain to have similar values and a fundamental purpose of product that is in line with your operation.  When you think about it, if they do not, how does that support your business objectives and goals?

Once again, having the right stuff at the right time is key.

At the LYNX Business Management Group Inc., we engage with precision manufacturers to support the Tier 1 and OEM manufacturers in meeting your expectations and obligations.  Our client portfolio of manufacturers is well established within the industry.

Please call upon us at or via LinkedIn to help support your supply-chain needs & performance.  We are here to be part of your operational family that supports productivity and profitability.  Day in and day out.

We look forward to hearing from you, and, we are here to help you deliver upon your commitments and obligations by having the right stuff at the right time!